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Pregnant? Is Exercise Right for You?

Many women worry about the weight gain that is inextricable with pregnancy.  You often hear women talking about their bodies before and after baby, and how  pregnancy really wreaked havoc on their body’s shape and their ability to lose  weight. Since we live in such a body-image obsessed world, in which flawlessly  skinny celebrities are often held as the ideal, weight worries can be a major  danger zone for pregnant women, especially for those who worship at the temple  of diet and exercise. This body-image mania can lead to under-eating and  over-exercising during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at the ways that exercise  can healthily be practiced during pregnancy in order to help you avoid doing any  harm to your developing baby.

Regular, light exercise during pregnancy can help you feel good and keep your  body moving and healthy. Light exercise such as stretching, yoga, and taking  long walks can be really helpful and keep your muscles loose and your body and  its metabolic processes running smoothly. Light exercise can also help prevent  gestational diabetes, relieve stress, and build the stamina needed for the  eventual labor and delivery. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Build a Better Birth Plan

You’re getting prepared for your upcoming labor and birth: filling out pre-registration papers, packing your bag, and thinking about your birth plan. How do you know just what to put in your birth plan? Is a birth plan just something you hand over to your doctors and nurses? Or should it be something more? In this article I’m going to show you why it should be something more.

It’s Your Birth

Birth plans have become extremely popular for the modern pregnant woman, but they have one big flaw. They only record what somebody else should (or should not be) doing! They record what procedures you’d like to have done, which ones you don’t want to have done, and what you want for your baby. These are great instructions and they can be helpful to your care providers and your partner. But they don’t give any information on what you’re going to be doing during labor.

Care providers can get really nervous when they get a demanding birth plan from a woman. Of course she wants “this and that,” but how will she act during labor? It’s important to remember that most women go into labor relatively unprepared. They expect that the hospital and staff will take care of things. They don’t know how to work with their bodies or their babies. So interventions, though they may not be desired, may end up being needed. The staff knows this. Read the rest of this entry »